Taighde an Tionscnamh Éire Shláintiúil

Béim ar Thaighde

Healthy Ireland Research

A focus on research is an important feature of Healthy Ireland. This is to ensure that interventions, programmes, communication strategies and funding strategies are based on robust evidence about the determinants of health and best practice approaches in addressing them.

Accelerating the take-up of new knowledge and innovating through advances in scientific knowledge will also be a key aspect of how we will achieve our goals.

Healthy Ireland will also be subject to rigorous monitoring and evaluation. This includes the development of an Outcomes Framework that will specify key indicators and targets to underpin the various strategies and actions under Healthy Ireland. Regular measurement of these indicators will allow progress on improving the health and wellbeing of the population across the lifecourse to be assessed over time

Details of any research commissioned and undertaken by Healthy Ireland will be available in this section.

Read more about the Healthy Ireland Survey here; and about the Outcomes Framework here.