Outcomes Framework

Measuring Progress

Outcomes Framework

An Outcomes Framework is being developed by a cross-sectoral working group under Healthy Ireland.

The Outcomes Framework will allow an objective assessment of the impact of Healthy Ireland, by monitoring population health and wellbeing, associated lifestyle related risks, and the broader determinants of health and wellbeing.

It will also help partners in wider government and society prioritise their actions towards improving health and wellbeing, and achieving the goals of Healthy Ireland.

The work so far has involved the development of a conceptual model for health and wellbeing based on international practice. There is also ongoing cross-sectoral discussion on key aspects of the Framework such as measurement of children and young people’s outcomes, wellbeing indicators for older people, health quality and regional and local level developments.

The presentation and communication of the information contained in the Outcomes Framework is also under consideration. In particular, the working group is exploring potential ‘user friendly’ data-visualisation tools and the needs of a range of users from policy makers, to academics and to the public with the ultimate aim of showing data in different ways and to provide answers to diverse questions.

The initial version of the Healthy Ireland Outcomes Framework will be made available shortly.