Prepare for Launch

Share the results of the staff survey with your staff and provide information on cessation supports for smokers who wish to quit.
Consider your campus and what needs to be done to prepare it. For example, you will need to survey the site and check if any existing smoking signage requires amendment e.g. ‘This is a no smoking building’ – should be amended to ‘This is a Tobacco Free Campus’.

  • Areas where staff and others currently smoke should be looked at and plans made for the removal of any smoking shelters. All external ashtrays should be removed. Signs should be placed at entrances to the grounds and in car parks.
  • Tobacco Free Campus signs can be ordered and installed
  • Preparation can be made for existing smoking shelters to be removed by tobacco free day,
  • Where relevant, the sale of tobacco related products on campus should cease.
  • Produce information leaflets and reminder cards, which can be given to people who are smoking and need to be reminded of the policy, in time for implementation day.
  • Any employee handbook or guidelines should be updated to reflect the tobacco free campus policy and the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Managers and supervisors should be made aware of their responsibility for ensuring that employees under their direction are aware of the policy and comply with it and take appropriate action to correct non-compliance.
  • Ensure key staff involved in implementing the policy have appropriate training in how to deal with non-compliance.
  • Amend future job advertisements to include the company policy on tobacco use.
  • Make a positive statement that compliance with the tobacco free policy is mandatory for all employees and visitors, with no exceptions.

Facilities Management

We’ve prepared a facilities management checklist to ensure visible signage is in place for launch.

You may decide to paint the boundary of the campus with a blue line, as a reminder of the no-smoking boundary and/or paint a ‘No Smoking symbol’ on the ground at entrances.



No Smoking Vector in English

English Signage – Vector

No Smoking Vector Files Irish

Irish Signage – Vector

No Smoking Vector Bilingual

Bilingual Signage – Vector


Use opportunities for external communications, e.g. company website and email messages to communicate the tobacco free campus policy.

Launch Your Tobacco Free Campus

A launch should take place on the day the campus goes tobacco free. Consider inviting media along with local and community representatives, staff and representative/union reps. Going tobacco free is a positive step for any workplace. Make sure the day is marked. Compliance with the tobacco free policy is mandatory for all employees and visitors, with no exceptions.

Your working group will need to draw on its internal relationships and resources to maintain commitment during this period; capturing the positive feedback, as well as any challenges or non-compliance issues. Reminder cards are useful for any staff that will have a role in enforcing the policy as they can reduce the need for verbal confrontation.

Management Launch

If you have moved to step 3, you obviously have management support. Keep all your management teams on side and prepare the for launch.

At the launch

    • Explain why management support at all levels is crucial.
    • Based on anecdotal evidence what it might means for a team that includes smokers.
    • Tips on how a manager can provide support.
    • Importance of a positive attitude to the policy.

Public Launch

Let your neighbours, competitors and the wider population know the steps you are taking to make your workplace a healthier place for all.  Be sure to advise your local authority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It sounds like this initiative doesn’t treat smokers with much compassion

The policy highlights the importance of treating tobacco addiction as a care issue. The HSE provide support including advice, information and smoking cessation support and tobacco dependence treatments to help deal with cravings. Staff should be offered assistance to quit smoking, or manage their smoking during working hours. This is about improving the health of our clients and staff and ensuring quality care for all.

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