Compliance - review and update

The initial implementation phase is a key time to ensure the success of the policy. If compliance is high, the policy may be self-enforcing, however, it is important to show that senior management expect the implementation to be a success and hence the importance of conducting “Corporate Walk Around” to key areas where compliance may not be optimal.

It is also important to seek feedback from staff on the implementation and enforcement processes and to act positively in support of the policy and to address any issues that might arise.

A log of any breaches or complaints concerning the policy should be compiled and kept under review by the Working Group.

Monitoring of policy compliance should be built into the policy implementation plan. The following are suggestions for consideration:

  • Develop a simple tool to be used locally to document early incidents of non-compliance of policy.
  • Collect and review weekly at Tobacco Free Campus Implementation Group Meetings.
  • Work with managers to problem solve and to reduce and minimise further incidents.
  • Undertake a monthly “Corporate Walk Around”.
  • Review management of any exemptions.
  • Review complaints/breeches of the TFC policy and actions taken on a regular basis.
  • Review the cessation support service provision.
  • Undertake Internal Tobacco Audit to assess policy implementation.

Evaluate the Policy

Review whether policy is being implemented according to the policy statement.

  • Is the communication process on-going?
  • Are your staff trained sufficiently well to ensure continuous implementation and to deal with instances of non-compliance if they occur?
  • Is there consistency in how the policy is being implemented?
  • How has non-compliance been dealt with?
  • Is sufficient support being made available to smokers who might wish to quit?

At this point you can decide if the policy needs to be revised in any way to take into account of any new developments. You may also wish to repeat the staff survey at this time and compare attitudes and behaviours post-implementation with those from the pre-implementation survey. Download our post-implementation tips.


Celebrate the Policy

  • Celebrate the success of the policy in conjunction with other health related initiatives that might be on-going or relevant.
  • Use the opportunity to continuously communicate that there is a tobacco free campus policy which has been successfully implemented.
  • Feedback on the success of the policy to your staff.
  • Consider using the opportunity to extend the tobacco free campus policy to include a wider more holistic health promoting campus policy.
  • Recognise your success and celebrate your first year as a tobacco free campus.
  • Conduct a staff survey and compare with results from previous years.
  • Highlight the success rates for tobacco cessation.
  • Recognise the staff who have successfully quit, and their support networks in the workplace.

Success Stories

Keep the momentum going. Share the good news stories and let the wider campus know about staff who have stopped smoking since the policy was introduced.

Create a success story to inspire others!

We’re interested in hearing about successful tobacco free campus rollouts.  Inspire us and other organisations, and let us know how you made this policy a success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if someone refuses to comply and continues to smoke?


All staff are obliged to comply with the Tobacco Free Campus Policy. If they anticipate that they may find adjusting to the policy difficult they should talk to their line manager. The line manager can advise on the support available to them.

Staff members are role models for the organisation. If a staff member chooses to smoke off-campus grounds during their designated work break they should not be identifiable as an employee of the organisation.

Agree and implement a system to manage non-compliance.


Visitors may be unfamiliar with the policy and should be politely informed that smoking is prohibited on the campus. For those visitors who refuse to comply with the policy, a common sense approach to supporting compliance is recommended.

Do not engage in an altercation with the person, simply advise them of the breach – in most cases this will be sufficient, but if the visitor continues to smoke the incident should be recorded and reported.

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