Taking steps to reduce your risk of harm


The misuse of alcohol and harmful patterns of drinking pose a number of problems. These not only include negative effects on the health of those drinking too much, but also cause harm to families and society as a whole.

The proposed Public Health (Alcohol) Bill is the first time we will seek to address these negative impacts on public health grounds, and is part of a suite of measures designed to reduce alcohol consumption and limit the damage to the nation’s health, society and economy.

The Bill includes provisions for minimum unit pricing, structural separation, health labelling on products that contain alcohol, restrictions on the advertising and marketing of alcohol, the regulation of sports sponsorship and restrictions on certain promotional activities.

The Bill completed its passage through the Seanad on the 15th of December 2017. The Bill is expected to be brought into the Dail early in 2018.

Launch of

On 7th March 2017, the HSE launched a new website for the public on alcohol – about how much we’re drinking, how it affects us healthwise, and how we can gain more by drinking less. It is the first HSE website to provide dedicated information about alcohol risk and offers support and guidance to anyone who wants to cut back on their drinking.

The new website has been created to provide an authoritative information source on alcohol risk to enable everyone to manage their own health better.  It is also designed to work in tandem with public health legislation and planned regulatory changes on alcohol labelling, availability and pricing.

In addition to providing information on the physical and mental health effects of alcohol, the new website has useful tools to help you assess your drinking including a drinks calculator.  The website also provides information for people, who are worried about their own drinking, or worried about someone close to them, and has a service finder to help connect people to support and services.

Visit for more information and guidance on alcohol and services provided by the HSE.