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Obesity Policy and Action Plan

Obesity Policy

It is well recognised that overweight and obesity is a significant problem in Ireland.  Tackling this complex issue requires multi-agency, multi-level and coordinated approaches.

A new Obesity Policy and Action Plan is being developed by the Department of Health to address policy and intervention options in the context of prevention and management of overweight and obesity and is intended to support a consultation process currently underway.

The development of a new Obesity Policy and Action Plan will build on the work of the Special Action Group on Obesity which was established in 2011 to develop a range of actions to help curb obesity. The Special Action Group on Obesity has been working on a number of initiatives including:

  • A code of practice in relation to advertising, promotion and sponsorship of food and drink.
  • A media campaign to communicate practical solutions for parents to adopt in order to tackle the everyday habits that are associated with excess weight in childhood. More details about this campaign which is titled “Let’s take on childhood obesity, one step at a time” can be found by visiting the  safefood website
  • Revising the Healthy Eating Guidelines.
  • Developing Healthy Eating Guidelines for 1-5 year old children.
  • Treatment Guidelines for Overweight and Obesity.
  • Calorie posting in restaurants.

Further details on the Obesity Policy and Action Plan will be available here upon publication