Communication Plan

A good communications plan is essential to support the smooth implementation of the Tobacco Free Campus Policy. Your communication plan should be prepared and agreed. It will

  • Outline the rationale for the policy to all
  • Inform staff, suppliers, customers, contractors and visitors of the policy and how it affects them
  • Download the sample PowerPoint Presentation which can be updated with your own survey findings

Key Messages

Your communications plan is your opportunity to set the rationale for the policy and reinforce the commitment by the organisation.

Key messages include the following:

  • This policy will help change social norms around tobacco use.
  • Simple positive messages for all concerned, e.g. “Welcome to our tobacco free campus”.
  • Smoking is the leading cause of death, heart disease and chronic illness in Ireland, affecting the 850,000 people who smoke in Ireland, their families, and our healthservice.
  • Smoking kills approximately 6,000 people in Ireland annually.
  • This company/organisation is implementing a tobacco free campus policy on X DATE (give at least three months’ notice from date of issue).
  • Smoking or use of any tobacco products or electronic cigarettes will be prohibited anywhere on the campus from this date.
  • This includes car parks and in parked cars.
  • This policy will provide a supportive environment for staff to enable them to successfully quit smoking. Details of available supports can be found here.
  • Breaches of the policy by staff will be dealt with by the normal disciplinary mechanisms within the organisation.
  • Develop a FAQ document to support the policy.
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Announcement Phase

The initial announcement should be made by the most Senior Manager

  • Use all the communication channels e.g. notice boards, emails, websites/intranet, and should be placed on team meeting agendas
  • Download and print our Launch Date Reminder Poster and fill in your launch date in the box.
  • Suppliers, customers, contractors and visitors should also be made aware of the tobacco free campus implementation date


Consider advising your local authority that the campus is going tobacco free as they may need to consider any effects on the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will people be informed about the policy?

A communication plan will be deployed in the run up to the implementation date. The policy will be well communicated with appropriate signage throughout the site. In addition various other methods of communication will be in place to ensure that all clients/service users, visitors and staff are aware of the policy, for example

  • information leaflets at key locations
  • tobacco free campus highlighted on appointment correspondence
  • email updates for staff
  • communication through local media where appropriate
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