Frequently Asked Questions

What does tobacco free mean?

From the date of implementation of the Tobacco Free Campus Policy, tobacco use of any kind including cigarettes, cigars, pipe smoking, e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery system) will not be permitted anywhere on the grounds of the campus.

To whom does the Tobacco Free Campus policy apply?

The policy applies to everyone; service users/clients, visitors, staff, volunteers, contractors or anyone who enters the campus.

Where on campus does the smoking ban apply?

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and grounds owned or leased by the organisation.

Is smoking allowed inside cars?

No. Smoking is not allowed in cars parked on the campus or grounds.

Our organisation shares its premises with other organisations. Can I still implement a Tobacco Free Campus policy?

Yes you can designate the shared premises as a Tobacco Free Campus provided that all parties are in agreement. If this is not the case, and the shared premises cannot be designated a Tobacco Free Campus, you can implement a code of practice for your own organisation’s staff whereby they will be required to refrain from using tobacco products on the premises even though there may be other people from other organisations continuing to use tobacco products.

Why is the organisation making its campuses tobacco free?

The organisation is committed to reducing the use of tobacco and its harmful health effects.

Do smokers have a right to smoke?

No, there is no absolute legal right to smoke. Everyone has a right to work in a healthy smoke free environment. Employers should endeavour to create, encourage and promote a healthy environment for all of its clients/service users, visitors and staff. For this reason, the use of ALL tobacco products will be prohibited on the campus.

How will people be informed of the policy?

A communication plan will be deployed in the run up to the implementation date. The policy will be well communicated with appropriate signage throughout the site. In addition various other methods of communication will be in place to ensure that all clients/service users, visitors and staff are aware of the policy e.g. information leaflets at key locations, tobacco free campus highlighted on appointment correspondence, email updates for staff and communication through local media where appropriate.

This initiative sounds like it doesn’t treat smokers with much compassion

The policy highlights the importance of treating tobacco addiction as a care issue. The HSE provide support including advice, information and smoking cessation support and tobacco dependence treatments to help deal with cravings. Staff should be offered assistance to quit smoking, or manage their smoking during working hours. This is about improving the health of our clients and staff and ensuring quality care for all.

How will the tobacco free policy be implemented? What if someone refuses to comply and continues to smoke?

All staff are obliged to comply with the Tobacco Free Campus Policy. If they anticipate that they may find adjusting to the policy difficult they should talk to their line manager. The line manager can advise on the support available to them.
Staff members are role models for the organisation. If a staff member chooses to smoke off-campus grounds during their designated work break they should not be identifiable as an employee of the organisation. Agree and implement a system to manage non-compliance.
Visitors may be unfamiliar with the policy and should be politely informed that smoking is prohibited on the campus. For those visitors who refuse to comply with the policy, a common sense approach to supporting compliance is recommended. Do not engage in an altercation with the person, simply advise them of the breach – in most cases this will be sufficient, but if the visitor continues to smoke the incident should be recorded and reported.

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